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Castize aims at companies that are looking for a partner to make a metal component produced with the melting process
Castize is a young company born from the passion of two colleagues for one of the oldest industries in the world, the foundry. Castize's aim is to respond to an unmet need in the market. Companies are demanding more and more customised cast components, with ever-increasing technical and management requirements. Castize's engineering approach aims to find solutions that go beyond the foundry process alone.Our aim is to build the production process around the customer's needs, without compromise and without being tied to a specific production technology.
This is why, driven by a passion for this work, we decided to found Castize, to help the customer throughout the component development process, to answer his doubts by evaluating all possible solutions and to provide him with the best product.









Daniele Menacorde

Daniele Menacorde was born in Pordenone, he has always been passionate about technology and graduated as an industrial technician before studying industrial design.He began working as a designer, but soon realised that he wanted to go deeper into projects, also dealing with economic and production management. He worked for a few years as a commercial technician in a carpentry company, then he approached the world of workshops and moulds, and from there his passion focused on an ancient trade, foundry. He became area manager for an aluminium foundry in Italy, which allowed him to work close with customers and projects, and after a few years he founded Castize.

Daniele Virgolini

Daniele Virgolini was born in Udine, graduating in Industrial Management Engineering. He began his career as a quality control officer, before becoming a technician and then export manager in a company manufacturing steel plants. After this experience, he decided to challenge himself and change, working in a foundry for several years in which he held the position of Business Development Manager. During this experience he developed a deep knowledge of different foundry technologies, of the European foundry scene and of the unexpressed needs of this market.
To date, Castize has carried out various projects, in sectors as diverse as the packaging industry, marine engine, robotics and automation, industrial machinery, industrial fans and heat exchangers.
In addition to components with strictly mechanical requirements, we have experience in the realization of castings with the most complex aesthetic requirements, many of these realisations are urban furniture and interior design, components for coffee machines and medical equipment.

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