July 22, 2021

Robot Arm

Modular pattern for robot arm

Customer tasks:

  • Reduce costs of tooling
  • Short time from drawing release to manufacturing
  • Suppling of casting ready to assembly

We study with technical office the possibility to combine different section length of arms switching some mobile extensions.

This solution reduces the cost of patterns, anyway requires an accurate polishing of castings on the section lines and more time on pattern setting, anyway after a benefits analysis we choose this solution.

Starting from a discussion with customer’s technical office we define the useful sections, considering also the possibility of milling workshop to made a modulr tooling to clamp castings for machining.

The production of pattern was made by wood and high density resin to avoid problems of wear and tear of pattern sections. In 4 weeks we proceeded with prototyping castings in EN42100/Alsi7Mg alloy and later with heat treatment.

In the meantime we realizze the toolings for machining in order to compress time.

After dimensional control of casting we started the milling, fix toolings and clamps, closing first cycle of machining in a couple of weeks with CMM dimensional control for machining surface and visual inspection according to ISO 10049 specific for casting defect.

We close the cycle of qualifying in 10 weeks from order


  1. 3D modelling to combine arms
  2. Pattern making
  3. Prototype of first sample
  4. Realize of modular machining tooling
  5. NDA and approval
  6. Series production


  • Reduction of tooling costs
  • Reduction of lead time for pattern
  • Reduction of tooling costs
  • Reduction of lead time for pattern
  • Reduction of pattern storage request


  • More time for pattern set-up
  • More aesthetic control on deburring of extension lines
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